2017 BMW 1 Series Redesign, Release and Changes

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2017 BMW 1 Series Redesign, Release and Changes – After a long awaited finally BMW will release a new car. We of Bestautorelease.com will share the latest information about the release of the car 2017 BMW 1 Series times as detailed as possible. BMW car is one brand that is famous all over the world, every car that was released has always brought great changes and awesome. This car will be released in 2017, we will also review about the price, interior, exterior and engine 2017 BMW 1 Series. So happy reading, and enjoy it.

2017 BMW 1 Series

BMW is set to offer a sedan in its 1 Series lineup. Since the introduction of the 1 Series way back in 2004, the model was only offered in hatchback bodies after the coupe and convertible were renamed 2 Series in 2011. BMW has already released photos of the 2017 BMW 1 Series Sedan which appears to be heavily based on the Concept Compact Sedan which was showcased at the Guangzhou Motor Show in 2015.

Market launch of the BMW 1-Series sedan extends the range of the German premium brand to include a model tailored specifically to meet the needs of Chinese customers. The BMW 1-Series Sedan with its hallmark sporty flair and market-specific overall concept is a highly emotional new entry to the compact premium vehicle segment that is seeing such high potential in China. The new model is offered exclusively for the Chinese automotive market by the BMW Group and BMW Brilliance Automotive Ltd.

Speaking at the model’s launch event in Shanghai, Dr Ian Robertson, BMW AG Management Board member responsible for Sales and Marketing BMW commented, “We sold over half a million cars in China last year and this, our biggest market, continues to offer great potential. Our customers in China have been asking for a smaller model to meet their specific needs and we’ve worked hard with our colleagues here to make sure this car not only meets but exceeds those desires.”

The sedan will be a China-only model. In fact, the model will be produced in China in a joint venture between the German luxury automaker and Brilliance Auto, a Chinese automaker. This makes it the 5th BMW model to be made in China.  I really hope the automaker considers selling the model in other markets particularly in North America and Europe.

2017 BMW 1 Series Price

Our prices can range from $41,000 – $49,570 to get the 2017 BMW 1 Series is based on the current dollar exchange rate. Car prices are subject to change at any time. If there are changes in prices for the 2017 BMW 1 Series we will do an update on this article, so keep reading and following our blog Bestautorelease.Com.

2017 BMW 1 Series Redesign

Although a member of the 1 Series family, the sedan is far from being identical to its hatchback sibling. While some characteristics are indeed similar, the 1 Series Sedan is actually closer to the Concept Compact Sedan that BMW unveiled in 2015 as far as styling goes. The front fascia is almost identical to the concept, including elements such as the headlamps, grille and bumper. Here is where we can spot several features that set the sedan apart from the hatchback, starting with the slimmer, sportier headlamps, the revised center bumper intake with horizontal slats, and the flatter side vents.

As far as dimensions go, the 1 Series Sedan measures 4,456 mm (175.4 inches) long, 1,803 mm (71 inches) wide, and stands 1,446 mm (56.9 inches) tall. Compared to the hatchback, it’s 132 mm (5.2 inches) longer, 38 mm (1.5 inches) wider, and 25 mm (one inch) taller. On the other hand, the sedan’s wheelbase is actually 20 mm (0.8 inches) shorter at 2 670 mm (105.1 inches), despite BMW bragging about the car’s “elongated, sporty look.”

2017 BMW 1 Series Review

2017 BMW 1 Series Specs

Below we have summarized some of the reviews about the features of the car exterior and interior 2017 BMW 1 Series. The car is expected to be a comfortable car for the ride by the community.

The interior of the sedan is also based on the hatchback, but BMW revised many features to give the cabin a unique look. The dashboard is actually very similar in design and the infotainment screen sits atop the center stack just like in the hatchback. The dash trim is positioned in a similar way on the upper section, while the A/C vents are about in the same position. However, the latter have been reshaped and have a fresh, attractive design. The controls on the center console have also been revised and it appears that the sedan has more storage room in front of the gear shifter. The door panels and the seats are also new, but the steering wheel and instrument cluster appear to be similar to the hatchback model.

The second-generation 1 Series has been around since 2011, when BMW redesigned the compact it first introduced in 2004. Unlike its predecessor, the current 1 Series consists of only three- and five-door hatchbacks since the two-door coupe and convertible was renamed the 2 Series back in 2011. In 2017, a third body style was added to the lineup, in the form of a four-door sedan.

The vehicle concept of the BMW 1-Series Sedan is precisely tailored to the preferences of Chinese customers. With its notchback body in characteristic three-box design, the new model reflects the style preferred by such customers in numerous vehicle categories. A special program of BMW products has been assembled in response to the popularity of sedans in China. BMW 3-Series and BMW 5-Series Sedans are also available in a long version developed exclusively for the Chinese market and manufactured at the Shenyang production site.

The 2017 BMW 1 Series looks identical to the Concept Compact Sedan. Although the exterior also shares a number of identical features with the 1 Series Hatchback, the sedan stands out.

The photos the automaker released do little to reveal the model’s interior styling. However, rumor has it that the sedan’s cabin will be adopted from the hatchback. The mules we have spotted undergoing testing all featured the hatch’s center stack, instrument panel and steering wheel. Even the door panels looked identical. As such, I don’t expect much to change between now and when the model hits dealerships. Other features like the infotainment screen, radio and the shifter will also be identical.

The sporty elegance of the BMW 1-Series Sedan, unique in the premium compact segment, is reflected in both the proportions and the lines of its body. An unmistakable appearance is especially created by applying the characteristic design features of BMW sedans to the new model’s compact exterior dimensions with a length of 4 456 millimetres, a width of 1 803 millimetres and a height of 1 446 millimetres. Short overhangs, a long engine compartment lid, a passenger cell that is set back and a long wheelbase of 2 670 millimetres give the BMW 1-Series Sedan an elongated, sporty look. The distinctive body line rises constantly from the front wheel arch via the door openers to the rear lights, additionally emphasising the dynamic orientation of the car’s silhouette.

The sedan’s trapezoidal grille and the most part of the front fascia are identical to the hatchback but the sedan’s headlights are narrower. Below the grille is a more aggressive bumper which features larger air vents on each side. The side profile on the other hand is adopted from the 3 Series sedan. In fact, the 1 Series Sedan looks like a smaller 3 Series.

The hallmark brand features of the front section include the wide radiator grille, large air inlets and twin circular headlights with state-of-the-art LED technology. The rear of the BMW 1-Series Sedan sports a model-specific design dominated by horizontal lines which underscore the vehicle’s width and supreme road holding. The rear lights protruding far into the side section to form a characteristic L shape likewise emphasise the car’s powerful appearance.

2017 BMW 1 Series Specs

2017 BMW 1 Series Engine

Since the 2017 BMW 1 Series Sedan is targeted for the Chinese Market, fuel economy will be critical to the engines chosen. As such, the automaker may use a 1.5 L, 3-cylinder engine as the base mill. This engine is rated at 109 hp and 132 lb-ft of torque. The automaker may also use a 1.6 L, 4-cylinder engine which produces 130 hp and 150 lb-ft of torque The automaker may also feature a 2.0 L, 4-cylinder engine which would produce over 200 horses.

This combination results in particularly sporty performance characteristics in the 2.0-litre 4-cylinder engine of the BMW 125i Sedan. It mobilises a peak output of 170 kW/231 hp and a maximum torque of 350 Newton metres that goes on stream at 1 250 rpm. Fitted as standard with an 8-speed Steptronic transmission, the BMW 125i Sedan sprints from standing to 100 km/h in 6.8 seconds, achieving a cut-off top speed of 250 km/h. These performance figures are combined with an average fuel consumption of 6.4 litres per 100 kilometres and a combined CO2 figure of 152 grams per kilometre.

The range begins with the 118i model, which uses the 1.5-liter three-cylinder engine offered in the 2 Series Active Tourer, X1, and Mini Cooper. The unit cranks out 136 horsepower and 220 Nm (162 pound-feet) of torque through a six-speed transmission and hits 100 km/h (62) mph from a standing start in 9.4 seconds, while top speed is limited to 212 km/h (132 mph). This sedan has a combined fuel consumption of 5.5 liters per 100 km and a combined CO2 figure of 132 grams per km. The 118i is the first ever 1 Series to use a three-cylinder powerplant.

Another 2.0-litre 4-cylinder engine is fitted in the BMW 120i Sedan. With a peak output of 141 kW/192 hp and a maximum torque of 280 Newton metres of 1 250 rpm, it also ensures sporty performance figures. In combination with the 8-speed Steptronic transmission – likewise a standard feature – it accelerates from zero to 100 km/h in 7.5 seconds and reaches a top speed of 235 km/h. The combined fuel consumption of the BMW 120i Sedan is 6.2 litres per 100 kilometres, while the figure for combined CO2 emissions is 148 grams per kilometre.

A 1.5 L, 3-cylinder engine is also likely. This engine produces 120 hp and 200 lb-ft of torque. The engines will likely be paired to a 6-speed manual gearbox or an 8-speed ZF automatic transmission system.

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