2017 Ferrari California T Redesign, Release and Changes

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2017 Ferrari California T Redesign, Release and Changes – After a long awaited finally Ferrari will release a new car. We of Bestautorelease.com will share the latest information about the release of the car 2017 Ferrari California T times as detailed as possible. Ferrari car is one brand that is famous all over the world, every car that was released has always brought great changes and awesome. This car will be released in 2016, we will also review about the price, interior, exterior and engine 2017 Ferrari California T. So happy reading, and enjoy it.

2017 Ferrari California T Release

The new 2017 Ferrari California T is a future dream car of many boys and even a little older boys. When growing up, most of us had the dream cars which we hoped to acquire once we grow up. It is common place to find car posters side by side with celebrity posters in every teenager’s bedroom. Well, in most cases you will find posters of supercars with Ferrari leading the pack. Fast-forward to adulthood and we realize that the supercars are way beyond our reach and all we can do is continue ogling at them on our TV screens or in our neighborhood when a moneyed guy acquires one.

There’s no such thing as a base car in the world of ultra-luxury exotic cars, but in its $200,000 way, the Ferrari California T is that brand’s entry-level machine.

The California T started off life years ago as the California; in 2015 it earned the new suffix with a raft of improvements that bettered its looks and its performance, and added some long-desired electronica to its cabin. The T, of course, stands for the turbocharging applied to its engine.

There was a time when snow, rain, and even thick traffic were higher up the list of Ferrari’s enemies than Porsche. These were mostly weekend cars, but even wet roads would see them snugly tucked up in their heated garages, and not just because to avoid scrubbing muddy shoe prints out of the carpets. Some of them were difficult enough to handle in the dry, and slick pavement sure didn’t make them any more tolerant.

2017 Ferrari California T Price

Our prices can range from $200,000 – $231,606 to get the 2017 Ferrari California T is based on the current dollar exchange rate. Car prices are subject to change at any time. If there are changes in prices for the 2017 Ferrari California T we will do an update on this article, so keep reading and following our blog Bestautorelease.Com.

2017 Ferrari California T Sedan

2017 Ferrari California T Specs

Below we have summarized some of the reviews about the features of the car exterior and interior 2017 Ferrari California T. The car is expected to be a comfortable car for the ride by the community.

The exterior of the new 2017 Ferrari California T looks more aggressive than that of the outgoing model. It comes with an angular front grille. The grille is flanked by sharp and slim looking headlights and side air intakes.  On the side, the vehicle features sharp lines that start from the side vents and run rearwards; they break briefly to allow the space for the door handles and then stretch rearwards ending close to the rear fenders.  This design is adopted from the 250 Testa Rossa.

Sliding inside, you will find an interior almost similar to that of the outgoing model. Ferrari has only refined the cabin to look modern. The refining starts with a new multi-function steering wheel which features an array of control buttons. The flat-bottomed steering wheel also comes with large paddle shifters. The controls of the steering wheel make it look similar to that of an F1 car. The cabin still maintains the 3-pod gauge cluster but the automaker has hooked it up with a modern look and also upgraded its graphics.

Standard features on the California T include navigation, USB connections, and even something you might not expect from a Ferrari sports car: cupholders. There’s some modern tech here, too; Apple CarPlay has arrived, and a new digital gauge system, called Turbo Performance Engineer is located between the two central air vents.

2017 Ferrari California T Review

2017 Ferrari California T Engine

Under the hood of the California T, Ferrari has decided to leave things as they are in the current model. The model still features a 3.9 L twin-turbocharged V-8 engine capable of producing 553 horses@ 7500 rpm and 557 lb-ft of torque from as low as 2750 rpm.

Ferrari has left the core of the California T’s engine untouched, so the 3.9-liter, twin-turbo V8 still has 557 lb-ft of torque from 4,750 rpm and 553 horsepower at 7,500 rpm. Like on every California T, the engine’s boost manager only lets you access 442 lb-ft in the first three gears, with each successive gear unlocking a little more torque until you reach seventh, where the maximum is available. This helps make the California T drivable and has the added benefit of flexibility once in the tall top gear.

The engine powers the vehicle to accelerate from 0-60 mph in 3.6 and achieves a top speed of 196 mph. The maximum amount of torque is available on the 7th gear. This thus means the engine is paired with a 7-speed dual-clutch Getrag gearbox. This transmission is the only part of the drive-train that has received the “Handling Speciale Treatment” where it has been tuned to be more aggressive.  The system now shifts more aggressively i.e. it’s 30% quicker up and 40% quicker down.

>. Transmission     : 7-speed automatic (base), 6-speed manual
>. Drivetrain :     RWD
>. CO₂ emissions :     5,000 kg/year
>. Type :     V8 3.9 litres
>. Power :     552 hp @ 7,500 rpm (412 kW)
>. Torque :     557 lb·ft @ 4,750 rpm (755 N·m)
>. Induction :     Turbocharged
>. Bore :     86 mm
>. Stroke :     82 mm
>. Fuel type :     Premium
>. VEHICLE LAYOUT     Front-engine, RWD, 4-pass, 2-door conv
>. ENGINE     3.9L/553-hp/557-lb-ft twin-turbo DOHC 32-valve V-8
>. CURB WEIGHT     4,000 lb (est)
>. WHEELBASE     105.1 in
>. LENGTH x WIDTH x HEIGHT     179.9 x 75.2 x 52.0 in
>. 0-62 MPH     3.6 sec (mfr est)
>. EPA CITY/HWY/COMB FUEL ECON     16/23/19 mpg (est)
>. ON SALE IN U.S.     September, 2016

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