2018 Nissan Maxima Sedan Release Date, Redesign, Specs and Price

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2018 Nissan Maxima Release Date, Redesign, Specs and Price – After a long awaited finally Nissan will release a new car. We of Bestautorelease.com will share the latest information about the release of the car 2018 Nissan Maxima times as detailed as possible. Nissan car is one brand that is famous all over the world, every car that was released has always brought great changes and awesome. This car will be released in 2018, we will also review about the price, interior, exterior and engine 2018 Nissan Maxima. So happy reading, and enjoy it.

2018 Nissan Maxima Concept

The current Maxima was expected to be a high performance sedan that was going to compete with cars like the Charger or the BMW 5 Series. This didn’t happen unfortunately. Instead, Nissan released the current model back in 2015 as a front wheel drive sedan. Even though it is not as sporty as some thought it was going to be, the Maxima still offers unrivaled levels of luxury and features for the price which is very important in this class. However, not that long ago some rumors started to surface about the upcoming 2018 Nissan Maxima. It seems that this mid-life facelift will come with some interesting upgrades for the car, but more on that later.

2018 Nissan Maxima Price

Our prices can range from $33,000 – $45,000 to get the 2018 Nissan Maxima is based on the current dollar exchange rate. Car prices are subject to change at any time. If there are changes in prices for the 2018 Nissan Maxima we will do an update on this article, so keep reading and following our blog Bestautorelease.Com.

2018 Nissan Maxima Release Date

Nissan haven’t released any information regarding the release date of the new 2018 Maxima, but our sources tell us that we should see it in the showrooms toward the last quarter of 2017.

2018 Nissan Maxima Interior

2018 Nissan Maxima Specs

Below we have summarized some of the reviews about the features of the car exterior and interior 2018 Nissan Maxima. The car is expected to be a comfortable car for the ride by the community.

Guessing the interior of the 2018 Nissan Maxima is not going to be easy, especially if we consider that no actual photos exist at this point. The layout is being compared to the Sport Sedan and apart from the larger HVAC vents and extra buttons they seem to be right.

This may deal with the most developments having a key focus been on an extensive technological innovation. A number of the significant features incorporate a comprehensive dash play exhibit that has an internal voice control Bluetooth display. Leakages say that this 8-high-definition touch screen will be the core center for infotainment. It will support sound directions.

The 2018 Nissan Maxima will receive contemporary design, with lots of fashionable specifics, improving its look. A lot more headroom is forecasted for the brand new sedan, with the bigger pickup truck. Standard capabilities from base S model are upgraded for SL, SR, SV and Platinum automobiles. Between other things, we can quickly discover Reside songs internet streaming, wi-fi recharging, and wi-fi in infotainment features. Platinum model is going to be loaded with top quality Ascot leather-based interior, which includes controls and breathtaking two solar panel moonroof. Vehicle driver helps show and drive switch start off are the just handful of or the characteristics that creating the generate simpler.

Nissan did work quite a bit on it in order to make it more responsive and slightly more comfortable. However, the basic design is the same. Another car using this platform it also the Pathfinder which is important for what comes up next. The 2018 model is expected by the end of 2017 and its price should not change all that much over the previous model.

2018 Nissan Maxima Engine

2018 Nissan Maxima Engine

However, we speculate that it will be just as powerful as the exterior would suggest. This means nothing less than a 3.5 L V-6 is going to be acceptable. This translates into more than 300 hp and 260 lb-ft of torque.

Under the hood, Nissan will opt to keep the same 3.5 liter V6 motor, but with a few minor tweaks for horsepower and economy, it’s thought that Nissan will extract around 300 BHP from the motor, more than enough for a sedan of this size.

It can make anything between 300 and 400 horsepower while having tons of torque over the older and larger V6. With it the Maxima would be able to challenge its rivals and likely win as well. Some also suggested that a hybrid may be offered. However, Nissan doesn’t really have a suitable powertrain for this application and it is unlikely to develop one from scratch.

The 2018 Maxima will more than likely receive a new engine as well. The base car will stick with the 2.5 liter naturally aspirated inline 4 while the higher end models will keep rocking the same 3.5 liter V6 as before. It seems though that Nissan may also use their brand new 3 liter twin-turbo VR30DDTT V6 on it. This engine has been first used on the Q50 Infiniti and it is quite impressive.

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2018 Nissan Maxima Redesign

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2018 Nissan Maxima Sedan

2018 Nissan Maxima

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