2017 Suzuki iM-4 Release Date

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2017 Suzuki iM-4 Release Date, Review and Price – Welcome to the Bestautorelease.com, we will provide updated information about the release of car 2017 Suzuki iM-4. Suzuki car is one brand that is famous all over the world, every car that was released has always brought great changes and awesome. Examples are cars 2017 Suzuki iM-4 released in 2017. We will also review about the price, interior, exterior and engine of the 2017 Suzuki iM-4 Release Date.


Suzuki is ready to storm in many car markets in upcoming years. This carmaker was popular in few segments. These are primary targets for reincarnation of the factory that produces one of the best vehicles in the world. With 2017 Suzuki iM-4, company is going to step into MPV market once again. However, this time they have to show something. New model is good performer. Also, it is very compact. Thanks to new platform, iM-4 could reach top of the class very soon. Vehicle is attractive from the outside. Inside, latest technology is packed all over the cabin. Under the hood, we have classic petrol unit combined with electric motors. In one word, new 2017 iM-4 has all that driver of such car wants.

2017 Suzuki IM-4 will be very cool cars. Suzuki iM-4 is a perfect gift for people who look for a small ride to evade hectic city traffic. Suzuki has been a staple in the small car segment, always manufacturing compact cars that can manoeuvre better through congested roads and stagnant traffic. 5 years ago, the VW corporation entered into the ownership of Suzuki.

2017 Suzuki iM-4 Price

The latest price of 2017 Suzuki iM-4 has been set at $20,000 – $32,000 based on the current dollar exchange rate. If there are changes in prices in 2017 Suzuki iM-4 we will do an update on this article, so keep following our blog Bestautorelease.Com.

2017 Suzuki iM-4 Redesign

Suzuki unveiled its world premier concept model in the 2015 Geneva motor show. The new model 2016 Suzuki iM-4 will be endowed with feature that will qualify it to rival the already existing SUVs in the market. These features are primarily technologically oriented where they use state of the art technology. The design of new 2016 Suzuki iM-4 is also attractive consequently giving users the benefit of driving a sleek vehicle.

Few images released from Japanese people organization, informing us how 2017 Suzuki iM-4 could look like. However, these are not last editions, but we could see identical vehicle on the roads. The MPV will be very eye-catching. It has exclusive design, which is there to draw in young inhabitants. Developers in Suzuki went with boxy look. It can make this vehicle very stylish. Returning of the car is more like crossovers’. However, tires are more compact. Some areas are identical to what we can see on other Suzuki items. Nevertheless, there are many new things involved, so we can say iM-4 is exclusive.


2017 Suzuki iM-4 Specs

Below we have summarized some of the reviews about the features of the car exterior and interior 2017 Suzuki iM-4. The car is expected to be a comfortable car for the ride by the community.

The distinction will be shown in 2017 Suzuki im-4 rugged and more contemporary looking similarly and 5 doors. Most prominent exterior feature on this car, its unusually wide C column, followed by very short rear overhang and oversized wheel arches. But having that said, the look isn’t complicated, it is cleanly iconic and in its simplicity attractive. Front fascia of the car is also designed to look cute, as the front grille and headlights form a look that resembles sunglasses. Suzuki IM-4 2017 will have 18 inch huge wheels with 5 trapezoid bodies.

Few sketches leaked from Japanese company, telling us how 2017 Suzuki iM-4 could look like. However, these are not final versions, but we could see similar vehicle on the streets. The MPV will be very attractive. It has unique styling, which is there to attract younger population. Designers in Suzuki decided to go with boxy look. It makes this vehicle very elegant. Back of the car is more like crossovers’. However, wheels are smaller. Some parts are similar to what we can see on other Suzuki products. Nevertheless, there are many new stuff included, so we can say iM-4 is unique.

Some of the expected features that will be made available for the new iM-4 will include leather covered seats that are well positioned to enable the driver and passenger have ample head and leg room. Control panel will have CD gamer and small monochromatic display. Other features that prospecting buyers should look out for in the new vehicle will include dual climate control feature, USB, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, hands free phone connectivity and airbags.

2017 Suzuki iM-4 Engine

We’ve heard that drivetrain of 2017 Suzuki iM-4 is almost ready. It is 1.2-l direct-turbo 4-culinder unit. This one is capable to deliver 90 horsepower. Additional power comes from electric batteries. These small batteries are supporting petrol unit, by sending more horses to total output. Except lithium-ion motor, there is also starter generator on the new iM-4. Furthermore, braking system is improved. Transmission system will be unveiled soon. However, we know that MPV comes with automatic gearbox. Front-wheel drive system is standard. Handling, braking and cornering will be at top level.

Engine options in the iM-4 include a 4 cylinder 1.2 litre Dual jet with 2 separate fuel injector producing 89 hp and 80 lb feet of torque. Another option available will be a 1.2 petrol engine that will be combined with a mild hybrid system which will be made of an integrated starter generator and a relative small lithium ion battery. This entire engine system will be generating 276 pound feet of torque and 250 hp. By reducing engine displacement and by boosting the output and torque with a turbocharger, fuel efficiency has improved greatly.

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